Send In Your Questions For Ask A VC With Next World Capital’s Ben Fu And Translink Capital’s Jay Eum

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This week, we have two VCs who will be joining us in the studio (separately) for Ask A VC— Next World Capital’s Ben Fu and Translink Capital’s Jay Eum. As you may remember, you can submit questions for our guests either in the comments or here and we’ll ask them during the show.

At Next World Capital, Fu recently helped lead Datameer’s funding and is a board member of the company. Prior to joining Next World Capital, Fu was mostly recently a Principal with Scale Venture Partners, where he helped originate the firm’s investment in Box and uTest, and also worked closely with HubSpot, RingCentral, BrightRoll, and Jaspersoft. Prior to his six years in venture capital, he was a Senior Sales Engineer at Symantec and IMlogic, and worked in technical sales roles at Akamai.

JEum_SquareEum is a co-founder and Managing Director of TransLink Capital and has backed Carbonite (NASDAQ: CARB)…

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Siemens Launches $100M Fund To Back Startups Aiming To Disrupt Manufacturing

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Siemens Venture Capital , the corporate financing arm of Europe’s biggest engineering company, is launching a new, $100 million fund to back early-stage startups working in the areas of industrial automation and other digital technologies that can transform manufacturing. This comes after Siemens made two notable startup investments over past few months — in 3D visualization startup Lagoa , and CounterTack , the developer of next generation cyber security software.

Corporate venture capital has traditionally been considered “dumb money”, but as this TechCrunch post noted in November last year, some of them are increasingly looking more like traditional VCs. Indeed, in October 2013, 48 venture funding rounds valued at over $719M included CVC investor participation. This represented a 14% participation rate, the highest month in the CrunchBase dataset.

Engineering and manufacturing conglomerates such as Siemens and GE are increasingly looking at newer ways to leverage data and insights captured…

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In the Empowered Enterprise 2.0, startups have the inside track to success

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BYOD; BYOA; freemium cloud services; open source software in corporate IT —  the evolution of technology in business is at a critical juncture like we have not seen before. Or have we?

Thirty years ago, ambitious employees lugged personal computers into the workplace, displacing the central organization of “dumb terminals” accessing UNIX mini computers and mainframes. These PCs, along with apps such as Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3 and Harvard Graphics, gave power to the individual and radically shifted how work got done. They created the Empowered Enterprise 1.0.

Now we are seeing employee empowerment like this again, but on steroids! Employees of every stripe are finding and selecting services from document sharing to application testing to HR solutions online or in app stores. When they can start with a free trial or make a simple credit card purchase, employees are empowered to solve their own business problems directly and they are…

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