‘Real Women” Video Becomes #1 Web Series

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How women are portrayed in photography has been a hot-button issue in publishing during the last several months. One could argue the spirited dialogue goes back a year to Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” effort, which went viral…”

Full Story:  http://www.adweek.com/videowatch/buzzfeeds-real-women-video-strikes-controversial-chord-155845

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Dallas TV Show Launches “Ewing” Gas Station in Manhattan

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Last week, TNT revealed that it was launching an actual “Ewing Energies” gas station in the U.S. to promote the third season of its reboot of Dallas, the iconic 1980s Friday night soap opera. Now it’s disclosing that the location will be in Manhattan, New York, while opening for business just in time for the first episode…”

Full Story:  http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/tnts-dallas-about-open-gas-station-new-york-155836

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100 Million People Will Feel Like They Took Acid if This Ad Wins Doritos’ Super Bowl Contest

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Every year, Doritos gives away two free ad spots (worth approximately $4 million a piece) to play during the Super Bowl, literally the only time of year in which people get excited for commercial breaks.

While winning filmmakers usually employ talking dogs, babies, or other adorable animals — even goats aren’t off limits — a strange, animal-free submission called “Doritos Dance” is making serious rounds online. Looking like a 1980’s exercise video on acid, the 30-second spot has more than 360,000 views in only five days.

Could this be the winner?

Another internet favorite is by a group of volunteer fire fighters who would donate all proceeds of a potential $1 million prize to the “Union Deposit Volunteer Fire Co.”

Not as funny, but definitely sweet.

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Watch How Breaking Bad’s Walt and Jesse Reacted When They Read the Final Script

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If you thought YOU were blown away when you learned how Breaking Bad ended, imagine how the show’s stars must have felt when they learned their characters’ fates.

In this bonus feature from the Breaking Bad complete series DVD set, stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston read the script for the final episode, “Felina,” for the very first time.

Aaron Paul, who plays the animated Jesse Pinkman, reacts with some “whoas” and a satisfied fist pump when he learns of his character’s final escape from danger. Bryan Cranston, however, reacts with one key takeaway: “So I guess there won’t be a sequel then.”


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Josh Hutcherson Brings Hunger Games Mania to Saturday Night Live

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Now that Catching Fire has hit theaters nationwide, Hunger Games mania is in full swing. And how convenient that this week’s host of Saturday Night Live just happened to be one of the franchise’s stars, Josh Hutcherson.

So of course, Hutcherson’s monologue was pretty Hunger Games-heavy. “I play Peeta,” the actors says, “the brave young hero who immediately gets hurt and has to be carried around for the rest of the movie.” (It’s funny because it’s true!)

Naturally, the scene devolves into a mini Hunger Games spoof, with cast member Kate McKinnon playing a rabid fan dressed up as Elizabeth Banks’ character Effie Trinket. She insists on starting a new tradition, forcing two cast members to come on stage and fight to the death.

If we’ve learned anything this season, it’s that pretty much anything Kate McKinnon touches turns to pure gold, so this is definitely worth a…

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