Google Wants to Protect Your Password with Sound

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Google has purchased SlickLogin, a three-person startup out of Tel Aviv, to help bolster the search giant’s two-step authentication efforts.

Today, if you’re looking to fortify your Google account beyond a single password, the two-step authentication process consists of you first logging in with your password, and then entering a second verification code that’s sent to your phone by way of a text message, a phone call or by using Google’s Authenticator app (which basically turns your phone into one of those number-cycling RSA keyfobs).

SlickLogin would ostensibly automate second stage of this verification. Instead of having to wait for a call or a text message or having to fumble around with the Authenticator app, you’d apparently just place your phone next to your computer.

According to the AFP:

The technology involves sending barely audible sounds through computer speakers and then having the users’ smartphones recognize…

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