How Not to Lose Another Jordan Davis

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There are times when civil disobedience isn’t the answer.

That’s an odd thing to say during Black History Month, and especially after the hung jury result of the Michael Dunn trial. Surely the way we keep The Struggle going – as parents of my generation always urged us to do – is to dare The Man to try to beat us down.

That’s the implication of this popular piece, which claims that black people telling their sons to avoid offending whites only encourages racism. So, black kids should not have to turn down their music or “suppress their attitude,” because this is being “submissive” to whites who wish they wouldn’t be “so, well, black.”

It is easy to get a rise with this kind of rhetoric, but it’s better as theater than counsel. Is taking a cue from the kids who got themselves hosed, beaten and mauled in the…

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