In the Empowered Enterprise 2.0, startups have the inside track to success

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BYOD; BYOA; freemium cloud services; open source software in corporate IT —  the evolution of technology in business is at a critical juncture like we have not seen before. Or have we?

Thirty years ago, ambitious employees lugged personal computers into the workplace, displacing the central organization of “dumb terminals” accessing UNIX mini computers and mainframes. These PCs, along with apps such as Visicalc, Lotus 1-2-3 and Harvard Graphics, gave power to the individual and radically shifted how work got done. They created the Empowered Enterprise 1.0.

Now we are seeing employee empowerment like this again, but on steroids! Employees of every stripe are finding and selecting services from document sharing to application testing to HR solutions online or in app stores. When they can start with a free trial or make a simple credit card purchase, employees are empowered to solve their own business problems directly and they are…

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