Uber-For-Laundry Startup Washio Uses Ninjas To Get Your Dirty Clothes Clean

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There’s no shortage of on-demand services popping up these days, as different startups each attempt to win the favor of users in specific verticals. One of the latest startups to launch in an “Uber-for-X” category is Washio, which is seeking to bring the on-demand model to the way in which people get their laundry and dry cleaning done. By employing a team of so-called “ninjas” to pick up clothes to be washes and drop them off 24 hours later.

Do We Really Need An Uber-For-Laundry Startup?

It’s no surprise that with the onslaught of on-demand services taking hold in most major cities, someone would eventually create an Uber-for-laundry startup. Using smartphones, location, logistics, etc. to make the process of cleaning your clothes “easier” and “more efficient.”

Call it a first-world problem if you will, but more and more customers are willing to pay a little bit more for the…

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