Aufeminin Acquires Subscription Service And City Guide ‘My Little Paris’ For $90 Million

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From little Parisian website to subscription service juggernaut, My Little Paris has come a long way. Earlier this week, Aufeminin acquired the company. We’ve learned from multiple sources that Aufeminin agreed to pay around $90 million (€66.7 million) for the acquisition. Part of Axel Springer, Aufeminin is one of the largest lifestyle website in France.

For now, Aufeminin spent $54 million (€40 million) in cash to acquire 60 percent of My Little Paris, with future plans to acquire the rest of the company. It’s a great success story for its four co-founders — the startup only put together $6,700 (€5,000) of initial capital.

In 2008, before becoming a highly-valued subscription service, My Little Paris started out as a woman-centric weekly newsletter to share restaurant advice and various urban tips. The newsletter rapidly attracted a healthy subscriber base. Today, more than a million people receive the recommendation newsletter three times a…

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