TaskRabbit Takes Its Errands Marketplace To London For Its First Move Outside The U.S.

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TaskRabbit, the U.S. startup that runs a marketplace for people who need help with short-term work and errands, is hopping over the pond for its first international city launch. On Thursday, it will open for business in London, starting with 50 Taskers ready to take on your every need in the areas of Christmas-related errands, cleaning and handyman-type work. Further UK cities will come in the months ahead, Stacy Brown-Philpot, TaskRabbit’s COO, told me on Wednesday.

Prices for the initial errands on offer while TaskRabbit is still in beta in the UK range from between £12 to £25 per hour ($19-$40).

TaskRabbit has seen some knocks in its home market — manifested in the form of layoffs to refocus on what the company believes are opportunities in enterprise, mobile and geographic expansion. And some of its would-be competitors like Zaarly have also faced business challenges. In that sense…

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