The Growing Trend of ‘MBA Contractors’

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Due to the tough economy over the past several years, many businesses (both large and small) have started contracting freelance MBA’s instead of hiring consultants from high priced consulting companies.

There are a growing number of small startups and medium sized businesses using freelance MBA’s to help them with things like streamlining their operations and designing a new business model. Surprisingly there are also a growing number of larger companies doing this as well, despite having large enough budgets to hire a professional consulting firm on a monthly retainer basis.

MBA & Company is one of a few professional staffing firms that specialize in providing the services of MBA‘s on a contractual basis. Over 30% of their contractors have previously worked in the consulting and finance industries. You can learn more about how MBA & Company operates by going to their website at

I think that this is a great service and a very interesting trend. I think it is great that smaller companies now have access to professional consulting services without breaking their budget. And I am also very interested in seeing if this trend grows or decreases over the next five to seven years.


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