SparkLabs Launches $30M Global Seed-Stage Fund With Ex-Facebooker Net Jacobsson And Former Horizons VC Frank Meehan

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SparkLabs started with the mission of helping grow South Korea’s young startup industry. Now it wants to bring its impressive network of mentors to entrepreneurs in the rest of the world with a new $30 million seed-stage fund called SparkLabs Global. In addition to SparkLabs co-founder Bernard Moon, the new venture’s primary operating partners are former Facebook executive Net Jacobsson (left in the above photo) and Frank Meehan, previously of Horizons Ventures.

The fund will look in emerging startup ecosystems for early stage companies that want to rapidly scale into international markets. In South Korea, SparkLabs’ accelerator has already invested in 16 startups (ones that have been profiled on TechCrunch include WePlanet, the maker of Step Journal and adaptive learning platform KnowRe). SparkLabs Global’s team, which also includes founding partners Jimmy Kim, John Lee (right in photo) and Jay McCarthy, will set their sights on startups in China, Southeast…

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