Costco will FINALLY accept Visa cards

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NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Costco has reached an agreement with Citi for a new co-branded credit card program, shortly after dropping its similar deal with American Express.

Costco says it will start accepting Visa rather than American Express at its U.S. stores on April 1. Until now, the wholesale club retailer has accepted only debit cards and Amex.

Details about the new card’s benefits and terms will be made available to members soon. The Costco Amex card offered card holders 3% cash back for gas, 2% for restaurants and travel and 1% back for everything else, and there was no annual fee as long as the user was a Costco member.

The deal anticipates the purchase of the existing co-branded Costco Amex card portfolio by Citi.

Citi is the world’s largest issuer of consumer credit cards and has co-branded cards with other retailers, including Sears, for which it has issued…

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Managed IT Services in Orlando, FL Can Aptly Protect Against Hackers

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TaylorWorks, Inc.

Do you own a small business? If you do, then you might be resting comfortably in the knowledge that cybercriminals from around the world won’t bother with you. After all, you’re a small-scale entrepreneur, so why would they want to target you?

The truth, however, is that hackers nowadays simply don’t care where the money comes from; what matters to them is that they get it. Unscrupulous individuals would seize identity, credentials, and information even from small businesses given the chance. Data from the National Cyber Security Alliance backs this up: one in five small businesses fall prey to cybercriminals each year, with 60 percent of victims going out of business within a mere six months after an attack.

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Google Gets Up Close And Personal With Polar Bears Using Street View Cameras

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In the past Google has take Street map into the inside of an Amsterdam Barge (which just happens to be the HQ of the startup MobyPicture) and the inside of Doctor Who’s Tardis.

Now it’s going there again with stunning Street View pictures of polar bears in their natural habitat, just in time for International Polar Bear Day today. Shot in Churchill, Manitoba – apparently ‘the Polar Bear Capital of the World’ – and collaborating with Polar Bears International, Google mounted the Street View Trekker camera on a ‘Tundra Buggy’ and took Google Maps onto Canada’s tundra to collect 360 degree Street View imagery of polar bears on the tundra – their natural habitat.

But there’s also a serious side. Bringing Street View to Canada’s tundra establishes what they say is a “baseline record of imagery” associated with specific geospatial data. That’s the kind of data that…

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